Ohlsdorf Cemetery is the app for exploring the world's largest park cemetery in Hamburg. With this app you can find your way around the huge area, search for celebrities, read biographies, discover new places and plan paths.

The app includes 800 POIs and 700 famous people. There are 560 short biographies and links to Wikipedia. For many POIs there are further information. An integrated routing allows you to see the way to the POIs on the map.

You can create as many routing points as you like, even at any place on the Ohlsdorf Cemetery. In addition, you can write notes and save favorites.

Through a variety of settings options, you can customize the app to your needs.

The app is ad-free and does not use tracking.


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Explanation of the functions of the app

800 POIs

themed graves, sights, nurseries, ... toilets

700 Famous persons

from 1699 until today

560 Biographies

Wikipedia texts or links

Offline vector map

no tracking and no advertising


by name, profession, generic terms, year of birth/death


with distance indication


any number at freely selectable locations


like bus lines, monuments, mausoleums, …

Geo Search

by cemetery coordinates or latitude/longitude


current location and information about POIs

Current location

with display of accuracy


Icon representation, units of measurement, ...


alphabetically or by distance


for every POI


Answers to the most important questions

No, the app does not collect location data.

No, the app is ad-free.

Some places have a flat expanse, for example the garden of women or mass graves. The orange rectangle shows the approximate extent. Also a few graves have a two-dimensional extension because the exact coordinates can not be determined.

The geographic coordinates of the graves are very accurate. The tolerance is far below 1m.

The accuracy of the current location depends on the quality of the smartphone or tablet, as well as the quality of the satellite signals, for example: Clouds and trees can affect the signal.
The accuracy can be improved by switching on WiFi and by using a mobile device with a telephone function.

Yes, the app uses an integrated map, so no online connection is required.

The celebrities in this app are taken from the official celebrity list of the Hamburger Friedhöfe -AöR- for the Ohlsdorf Cemetery. Only for these persons it is guaranteed that they or their executors have agreed to a publication of the grave coordinates.

Privacy Policy

The app Ohlsdorf Cemetery does not collect any personal or location-related data and works completely offline. The app does not contain any advertising and all saved data, such as notes or favorites, remain stored exclusively on the device. The app requires location services to be enabled in order to display your location on the map and perform distance calculations.